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Aluminium Oxide Vulcanized Fiber Disc

  • Model: 0203215
  • Trademark: Hipex
  • Packing: 10pcs/Set Shrink & Box
Aluminium oxide abrasive With arbor hole 22mm For metal, wood, concrete use We always supply all the customers with "3H" products-high quality, high performance and high grade. We also insist on strict QC system for every order and we guarantee that the lead time for one 20-foot container order is within 30 days.
Item No Size Grit Packing
0203215 4-1/2"(115mm) P24-180 10/500
0203225 5"(125mm) P24-180 10/500
0203250 6"(150mm) P24-180 10/400
0203280 7"(180mm) P24-180 10/200


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