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Color lead profession present situation analysis

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 According to the space abundant wisdom industry market investigation and study core understood: The color lead is crayon's abbreviation. The color lead is the tintage tool which one kind very easy to grasp, draws the effect as well as the appearance are similar to the pencil. The color are many and varied, the picture comes out the effect to be pale, fresh simple, mostly is advantageous for the rubber to delete. Is itches the choice with the process, has the high adsorption color rendering property high-quality particle pigment to make. Has the transparency and the color chroma, uses when various types paper can color evenly, the smooth description, pencil lead Yi Congxin in the trough does not fall off. Has the single series (129 colors), 12 color series, 24 color series, 48 color series, 72 color series, 96 color series and so on.
  The color lead's type has the waxiness color lead, water-soluble color lead and powder nature color lead. Waxiness color lead: The majority is the ceryl archery target, the color is rich, the performance effect is special. Water-soluble color lead: Many have the water-solubility for the carbon matrix, but the water-soluble color lead is very difficult to form the even Run's color level, easy to form the color spot, similar watercolor painting, compared with suitable picture building and sketch. Compared with good color lead brand: Mark, Germany Shi Delou, Britain result in the rhyme, German splendor Bai Jia, Czechoslovakia are very pleasant, Swiss Kada, Dutch Van Gogh, the German swan, the Japanese Mitsubishi, Japanese Holland Baiyin.

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