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Hand in hand teaches you to draw the lucky strike lead picture

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 1st, the material, must first realize that to the crayon is one translucent material, the manufacture compared to having the very big difference by the graphite and the clay according to the different proportion mix's sketch pencil. The domestically produced color lead majority is the sacrificial matrix is not easy to form the exquisite style and the sharp boundary, but in makes the special effect time has the wondrous use, is one kind of auxiliary material. The overseas crayon many have the water-solubility which has for the carbon matrix, but the water fusibility color lead is very generally speaking difficult to form the even Run's color level to have the color spot, therefore quite suitable picture---Dissolving---The picture forms the motley effect as soon as, if you are the picture historic building for example Athens temple might as well try: )
 2nd, the drawing technique, crayon's drawing technique may manifest a person's patience and exquisite, the crayon on difficultly is difficultly simple in its essential drawing technique, is two kinds spreads evenly with a row of line. Prohibits the rash, otherwise comes out the thing and the child draw not differently. Row of line time should honest go to row and the sketch fish grain line not same dense platoon by the shape quality block, when receives stable and the worth looking at effect---------The surface has the little skin texture: ) some people said that the color lead color little did not understand the color lead the translucency, folds the color and mixes the color to be possible to combine the innumerable changes.
 3rd, coloring sequence, because is the translucent after material, therefore should the first tint, the deep color sequence 11 for it, cannot advance by rushes. Otherwise the picture easy deep color to upturn, lacks the depth. Finally several coloring time may make an effort the pigment pellet to press in the paper surface color to be possible to present the trifle mix moreover the surface to be smooth, moving ~~~
 4th, the medium, the drawing paper selection should better have certain thickness cardboard, because the later period may use the available sandpaper and the knife blows the tiny highlight, especially moving also ~~. If you are must draw the job, because above method and the material the introduction take time very long (quite suitable picture high-quality goods), other one material is the onionskin paper, for example parachment paper.
  Because may the pro and con coloration, therefore receives effect of the actual situation mutual promotion of the five elements, after drawing, may also attain the exquisite smooth effect take a white paper as the bottom in the relatively short time.
 5th, the modification, the colored lead and the sketch are different with the pencil, therefore very difficultly with ordinary rubber, except that recommends you to use one section to use for to modify the line line the sand rubber, in which domestic product quite suitable to make the special effect, fabercastell and Shi Delou is more exquisite, may make tiny modification, (Shi Delou the message is: Aristocrat's blood is also a blue color, time enjoys ~~~)

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