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The pencil profession development and the world subject more walk are nearer

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 The security pencil's concept may have generalized and division the narrow, the generalized security pencil are refer to the long-term normal use not to be able to have the jeopardy or the adverse effect pencil to the body, but the narrow security pencil may from the structure security, raw material security and so on different angle carry on the segmentation.
 As for raw material security angle, the well-known pencil brand Mark pencil proposed most early “does not have the lead poisoning” the concept, namely refers to in the pencil to have many kinds of element content not to exceed the allowed figure willfully possibly. And through international market highest standard European Union and US's standard of security, thus becomes homeland security pencil's representative the brand. This is also the general sense security pencil.
 As for the structure security, the security pencil refer to the belt hat pencil. Through gives the ordinary lead penstock to provide the lead pen cap, thus avoids the pencil point creating the bodily flesh wound. But because installs the lead pen cap to create inconveniently to the user, therefore has not been able widely to use.

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