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Water-soluble color lead picture detail and technique

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 Before has bought a set of very good color lead, then has schoolmate to consult the crayon specially with me
 Blue well takes color lead picture dregs, understood that is not very many, but will know me (possible one time not to be able to finish with everybody share, I can think will update points)
 First is the color lead mass, the color lead divides greasiness and water-soluble, the greasy pencil lead is hard, the color is pale, compared with suitable picture colored sketch, but not the easy counter-overlapping color, to recommend that do not use the too smooth paper to carry on does painting. The water-soluble pencil lead is soft, may dissolve in the water, draws the watercolor painting the effect.
 I have been with the water-soluble color lead, the water-soluble color lead divides several signs, the domestic product is Chinese Mary benefits hundred generation of anything, but how uses the feeling very not, because is possibly with the technology with the material related, but also has is transportation's question, the domestically produced color lead is very easy to appear breaks the core the phenomenon, will also have folds the color not uniform pencil lead hard question.
 Benefits hundred generations is Taiwan sign, on the network appraises is also good, but uses the effect to be ordinary actually, moreover price with splendor cypress fine almost, but was inferior obviously the splendor cypress fine effect is good
 Next is the overseas sign, everybody possible first choice splendor cypress fine, because the performance-to-price ratio is quite high, the soft and hard degree is moderate, compared with suitable not to have the income student, but if likes color bright schoolmate considering recommends sign, moreover the splendor cypress fine influentials the box,
 Red is the child rank
 The blue color is the student rank
 The green is the specialized rank
 Also has is the recommendation quite high vertex.

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